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Catering Management Consulting Services


Focus on F&B business lines

Support for your brand

The consulting department of FRANCE L'ARÔME GROUP is composed of experienced catering management and western food industry practitioners. It is an independent catering management consulting company. Team members include not only excellent chefs, but also restaurant operations, marketing, event planning, photographers, and graphic designers. We only do what we know and are good at: we understand strategic creativity and catering, and we have the ability to implement. The principle of customer-centered support provides us with our own professional ability to provide consulting and advice services for catering projects that need improvement and development. From feasibility study, project preparation to operation optimization, we will help you.

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Catering options evaluation and feasibility studies

  • Catering investment selection evaluation

  • Catering Feasibility Study

  • Market research and trend data:industry analysis, data analysis

  • Industry profit model analysis: including but not limited to barriers, competition, upstream and downstream industry chains

  • Catering Strategy Development

  • Financial Modeling and Business Planning

  • Market research and customer analysis

  • Store data:Sales growth, traffic growth, membership growth, platform exposure, positive reviews, etc.

Catering project preparation

  • Product category: menu planning and design; product standardized formula; loss and cost;

  • Personnel: organizational structure construction; recruitment and training; promotion channels

  • Design category: graphic design, VI guide and application; store design, kitchen design

  • Equipment category: professional customization; maintenance; repair

  • Engineering: Material Guidance; Process Guidance; Functional and Practical Suggestions; Maintenance and Repair

  • Administrative category: various certificates for industry and commerce, taxation, health, fire protection, etc. are handled in accordance with the law

  • Financial category: multiple procurement channels, large imported meat traders, seafood air transport channel suppliers, local vegetable merchants, imported wine traders, first-hand equipment agents, consumable suppliers, etc.; optimal bargaining and account period; minimum loss and inventory ;minimum cost;inventory build

  • Marketing category: regular plan timeline; special holiday and special event marketing; opening marketing plan

  • Legal affairs: various contracts such as labor contracts, decoration contracts, lease contracts, etc.

Catering operation support and optimization

  • Quality and performance review (anonymous evaluation)

  • Catering financial plan optimization

  • SOP system establishment and optimization

  • Operational efficiency and business improvement: including but not limited to reducing staff to increase efficiency, menu adjustment, efficiency improvement, etc.

  • Operational development plan: store expansion, expansion

  • Marketing strategy and planning optimization

  • Competitive Catering Bidding and Evaluation

  • Catering to soft market tests

  • Catering contract management, monitoring and renegotiation

Professional advisers Escort


brand cooperation

With rich experience in brand cooperation activities, he is able to tailor a complete and creative activity plan for the brand. Provide event participants with high-quality meals, tea breaks, wine and drinks, and services to enhance brand favorability.

​ Customized menu design

Our Chefs' team can provide high-quality and innovative products, and the design team cooperates with the menu design to make your bar/restaurant have a unique style and brand image. We will start from the brandStarting with image, theme, flavor, consumer groups, etc., tailor a unique menu.

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High-end afternoon tea break, private customized wine party

Provide customized high-end afternoon tea break services for corporate or individual customers, accurately capture customer preferences, implement one-on-one plan layout, combine different festive atmospheres to give you different enjoyment, and more cold meals, Western food, company souvenirs, etc. Special customized service.

To provide brands or distributors with indoor tasting scenes that meet the needs, we have professional sommeliers, customized services and publicity channels.

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