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18 Rue Bayen

75017 Paris, FRANCE

0033 (0)153817977

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FanFan comes from the French classic movie of the same name, in which the heroine, aptly portrait par Sophie Marceau, represents the essence of this gastronomie restaurant; refreshing, beautiful, refined and playful. Executive Chef, Top Chef TV star in 2012, Julien Burbaud, who made his name as understudies of some of grandest names of french cuisine such as Joel Robuchon and Alain Passard, quietly blends oriental elements into high-end French cuisine to satisfy your taste buds curious of orientalisme while allowing you to visually enjoy un representation that Hemingway would describe also as “a moveable feast”.  This style of cuisine is best described as franco-asiatique moderne and it has attracted so much media attention that the current mayor of paris, Anne Hidalgo, sent a personal letter, stating: “The reputation of your restaurant has brought a major influence on the top French cuisine in our city, Paris, which I am very excited about”.