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Clarification statement

Recently, our company has discovered that there are individuals pretending to be "Fangfang French Cuisine" to announce activities such as recruiting Western food franchises and negotiating shops.

Our company hereby solemnly declares as follows:

1. Currently, the only way for our company to release official information in limited areas in China is through our official website, any other franchise and cooperation information published in the name of "Fangfang" has nothing to do with our company.

2. Our company does not assume any responsibility for any economic losses caused by cooperation or franchise other than through our official website. Please be vigilant and avoid being deceived. If you encounter the above-mentioned illegal fraud, please report it to the public security agency in time.

3. The act of falsely using the name "Fangfang" to recruit cooperative franchise stores has seriously violated our company's legitimate rights and interests and damaged our company's goodwill and corporate image. Our company will actively cooperate with relevant departments to investigate and deal with such behavior, and reserves the right to pursue legal liability of relevant illegal personnel.

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