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​Modern French Cuisine

L'ARÔME practices contemporary gastronomy:

From the expression of culinary art through its combination with Impressionism paintings in “IMPRESSIONISM & L'ARÔME”, to the recent event “MYTHOLOGY & L'ARÔME” which takes gourmets on a journey of poetry, gustatory, olfactory and visual, we combine the originality the conventions of French gastronomy with an innovative vision, which is:

​Offering of our customers an unique experience in their most important moments of life;

 And providing tailor-made design and organisation of events with creativity, beauty and refinement, achieved through our constant search for quality and the high level of operational efficiency.



【L’ARÔME, Suzhou Center】

No. 19, 3rd Floor, Suzhou Center South District, Suzhou, CHINA

0086 (0)512-69881018 / 69881019


【L’ARÔME, Jinling Hotel】

No.19, B1, Asia-Pacific Business Building, Jinling Hotel, Nanjing, CHINA

0086 (0)25-86888681


【L’ARÔME, Golden Eagle Mall】

2nd Floor, Phase II, Golden Eagle Lakeside Mall, No.1 Xuejin Road, Nanjing, CHINA

0086 (0)25-87720477

【L’ARÔME by the sea】

247/5 Prabaramee Road, Kalim Beach, Patong, Phuket 83150, THAILAND

0066 (0)76 346 271

【L’ARÔME in the sky】

50th Floor, Golden Eagle World G Hotel, 888 Yingtian Street, Nanjing, CHINA

0086 (0)25-86888682

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