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FANFAN Paris a michelin restaurant
l'arome by the sea a michelin restaurant
larome in the sky french restaurant in Nanjing
bon pan asian tapas the best asian restaurant in Phuket
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FRANCE LAROME GROUP was founded in 2014 in Paris, the epicenter of french fine dining realm. Since the opening of its first restaurant in Nanjing, China, this young group has been focusing on operating restaurants at some of the most exotic and dynamic destinations around the globe. Currently, the group operates eight acclaimed restaurants across France, China and Thailand. The success of the group is attributable to its philosophy of nurturing young talent. This inspirational pool of international talent is very much at the centre of collaborating on the development, execution and delivery of quality, diversity and originality, led by a forward thinking management team. 


Each restaurant of the group delivers a cuisine which is unique to its location, focusing on premium ingredients and celebrating local produce where possible. Through this approach, FRANCE LAROME GROUP has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of the new modern dining movement. Two restaurants are respectively listed in the MICHELIN Guide France and Thailand: our Paris branch french fusion restaurant FANFAN in 2020, and L’ARÔME BY THE SEA, contemporary french fine dining with magnificent sea view in Phuket in 2022. Furthermore, L’ARÔME IN THE SKY, standing at the top of the world’s highest three-tower building and also Asia’s largest commercial complex, presents a top-class luxury and fashionable fine dining option; Our newest projects – MAISON L’ARÔME and two new venues’ grand openings are expected in Q1 2024.   


From the expression of culinary art through its combination with impressionist art via “L’Impressionnisme et L’Arôme”, to the attempt “La mythologie et l‘Arôme” to take connoisseurs on a journey of gustatory, olfactory and visual poetry. We mix with originality the codes of French gastronomy with innovative visions. Overall, the L’ARÔME brand has quickly emerged as the most successful up-and-coming contemporary dining brands of the world.


« We strive to create a dining experience unlike any other. We are dedicated to developing innovative new visions to combine with the originality of French gastronomy. » 


- Founder & CEO : Yinhua QIU 

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L'Arôme in the sky by FRANCE LAROME GROUP
L'Arome China

contemporary restaurant group

Contemporary French Restaurant

“Fangfang” ( in Chinese:芳芳 ) is a literal translation of the French word “ARÔME”, which means the wild spread of the aroma.


L’ARÔME is a French fine dining restaurant brand, it is positioned as a friendly dining experience with delicious and visually stunning contemporary French cuisine. The decoration of restaurant is high-end but not suffocating, the design of the dishes is based on the fine dining style, with a keen focus on quality of raw materials. 

Capture d’écran 2020-11-13 à

French Gastronomy With Asian Twists

At FANFAN, surprise and delicacy are at the heart of each plate for a unique taste experience. Fanfan offers a journey between French and Asian lands. With each bite, we wander between the reassuring flavors of French traditions and the explosive and surprising flavors of quality products.


And culinary discoveries aren't the only surprises FANFAN has in store. The plates are true works of art. They are as beautiful as they are amazing. An atypical food-drink pairing completes the offer - Here, we are far from the classic offer of French wines. We continue to discover fusion with a selection of wines but also - originality of the house - cocktails, sake or even Japanese whiskeys.


Paris’ mayor Anne Hidalgo, sent a personal letter to FANFAN in 2019, stating: “The reputation of your restaurant has brought a major influence on the top French cuisine in our city, Paris, which I am very excited about.” FANFAN has been features by the Guide MICHELIN since it’s 2020 edition. 


We invite you on a gastronomic journey between French and Asian lands, a real fusion of creativity.


larome by the sea the best fine dining in Phuket

Sea view restaurant & rooftop bar

Located at Kalim Bay, L’ARÔME BY THE SEA features a superb contemporary design throughout its 2 distinct areas: the restaurant itself on the second floor with a French-inspired cuisine that highlights the finest products and a cosy, modern bar with both indoor and outdoor dining areas on the rooftop.


Both areas have breathtaking sea views and offer a unique place for a gourmet dinner under the stars, with the relaxing sound of the waves licking the shore and the cool sea breeze refreshing the atmosphere. 


In July 2022, L’ARÔME BY THE SEA has been featured in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand; In August, awarded Thailand’s Favourite Restaurant; On September 1st, nominated number 2 of the TOP25 Restaurants Awards Phuket 2022.

L'Arôme in the sky The Best French Restaurant in Nanjing
larome in the sky

Sky view Restaurant & Lounge 

L’Arôme in the sky is located at the top of the world’s highest three-tower building and also Asia’s largest commercial complex.


L'Arôme teamed up with China's top luxury fashion brand Golden Eagle G Hotel to explore the new possibilities of the sky restaurant in the future. In line with the artistic level of the landmark, it stands at a height of 368 meters to present a top-class luxury and fashionable lifestyle.

BON pan asian tapas the best izakaya in Phuket
bon pan asian tapas the best asian restaurant in Phuket

Bon Pan Asian Tapas Fusion Izakaya

Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor. Enjoy the best tapas with Asian twists under a festive ambience created by France Larome Group. At BON we are delivering Asian-inspired dishes with contemporary presentation and outstanding flavours. The canvas is large at BON, you may discover the excitement of a traditional Japanese dish married to French tones. With a blend of cultures across Asia, the items and flavors are broad and give diners the opportunities to try new creations. Have great food and great fun at Bon Pan Asian Tapas. 

We are incredibly delighted and excited to share the fantastic news that BON PAN ASIAN TAPAS has earned the 19th place in the prestigious TOP 25 Restaurants Phuket Awards 2023. This honor is a true testament to us and mirrors the tireless dedication and commitment of our entire team. We deeply value your support and eagerness in celebrating this significant achievement with us.

Maison Larome Phuket
maisonlarome w.png

Borderless Cuisine

Maison L'Arôme delivers a borderless cuisine, selecting from the rich variety of quality ingredients which Asia has to offer and combining with French techniques to offer a unique concept perfectly conceived to be the star of Phuket.

Coming soon...

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Yannick awarded Swiss Star Abroad 2024 by GaultMillau

We are immensely proud to declare that Yannick HOLLENSTEIN, the Executive Chef of L’ARÔME BY THE SEA, has been awarded the title of "Schweizer Star Im Ausland (Swiss Star Abroad)" by the esteemed Gault&Millau restaurant guide Swiss edition 2024. This honor is given each year to one chef of Swiss origin working overseas, awarded by Gault&Millau for his/her outstanding culinary offerings. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional culinary skills and his ability to represent Swiss influence on an international level.

Swiss star abroad GaultMillau - 1.jpeg
​August Chef's Specials

BON PAN ASIAN TAPAS, translates these global-inspired foods offering the very best of diverse cultures in a tapas way, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Patong, Phuket Island. August Chef's specials now are available in BON.

Bon pan asian tapas the best restauant in Phuket
The sound of Andaman Sea - Thailand-China Cooperation Dinner in April 2023

In late April, we will have the residency of L’L'Arôme by the sea team at L'Arôme in the sky, L'Arôme Jinling Hotel and L'Arôme Suzhou Center to present six sumptuous dinners.

四月bythesea活动_画板 1-02.jpg

Asian food and beverage category represents a diversity of cuisines ranging from Chinese and Japanese to Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Vietnamese and many more. The consistent aspect between these vastly different foods is a long tradition of rich flavors, exotic ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. BON PAN ASIAN TAPAS, translates these global-inspired foods offering the very best of diverse asian cultures, in a tapas way, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Patong, Phuket Island. 

bon pan asian tapas
L'ARÔME BY THE SEA featured in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand

​We are proud to announce that in July 2022, L'ARÔME BY THE SEA has been featured in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2022. FRANCE LAROME GROUP's French and Thai branches are now all MICHELIN Guide-listed restaurants.

Larome by the sea on Michelin Guide Thailand
​Top25 Restaurants Awards

We are immensely pleased and thrilled to announce the wonderful news that L'AROME BY THE SEA has secured the second position and BON PAN ASIAN TAPAS has clinched the 19th spot in the esteemed 2023 Phuket's Top 25 Restaurants Awards. This award is a genuine tribute to us and a reflection of the relentless effort and commitment of our whole team.

ins post general.png
​ New In Summer

L'Arôme by the sea, a Michelin Guide restaurant in Thailand, and Fanfan, a Michelin Guide restaurant in France, have the great honor to announce their new summer menus.

France larome group summer menu
FANFAN Paris - a MICHELIN Guide restaurant for the forth year

We are pleased to announce that FANFAN is recommended in the MICHELIN Guide France 2023. Four years in a row since our first opening in 2019... and we can't get enough of it! Thank you to the MICHELIN Guide France for this renewed trust.

fanfan on Michelin Guide 2023

On 25th and 26th of October, L’Arôme by the sea  joined forces with the one-Michelin-starred restaurant, IGNIV Bangkok to create two memorable dinners showcasing the best of each restaurant. Themed as “From the Swiss Alps to the Andaman Sea”, we brought you a culinary journey with local products from the mountains of the north and the sea from the south of Thailand. Combined with specialities and techniques from the Swiss Alps, the menu provided a truly exciting experience!

Paris meets Phuket

« Paris meets Phuket » - We will hold a collaboration event with our sister restaurant FANFAN Paris on the 25th, August 2022, at L’Arôme by the sea, where our two restaurants chefs team up to prepare a special dinner. We will be offering a new 7-course tasting menu featuring the best of local ingredients such as Phuket lobster and honey cured dry aged duck with a twist of fusion flavor. Please join us and have a taste of Paris right by Kalim beach. 

larome by the sea X fanfan paris
Autumn Menu By The Sea

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the autumn season at L'Arôme By The Sea. Our talented Chef Yannick Hollenstein has crafted a menu that showcases the finest ingredients and culinary techniques, resulting in a gastronomic experience like no other. From the delicate Andaman Tuna with cantaloupe and dashi to the succulent Hokkaido Scallop with papaya and seaweed, each dish is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. 

best restaurant in Phuket - 8.jpeg
The Sou of Andaman Sea-Twin Cities Six Dinners a complete success

Two cities, three restaurants, six dinner parties, countless beautiful moments and memories.


The entire L’Arôme Thailand team will have a company sailing trip on Monday, 9th, January, 2023.  Both L’Arôme by the sea and Bon pan-asian tapas will be closed tomorrow. We are closing a record year and looking forward to more success in the coming year. 

larome thailand team
L'ARÔME BY THE SEA awarded "Thailand's Favourite Restaurant"

Big thanks for featuring us as awarded restaurant in the new guide « Thailand’s Favourite restaurant » ! It’s an honor and motivation to keep pushing and delight our guests here @laromebythesea. Big thanks to everyone for the big support and to our whole team for making this possible!

larome by the sea Thailand favourite restaurant

L’Arôme in the sky is located at the top of the world’s highest three-tower building and also Asia’s largest commercial complex. L'Arôme teamed up with China's top luxury fashion brand Golden Eagle G Hotel to explore the new possibilities of the sky restaurant in the future. 

larome in the sky
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