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FRANCE LAROME GROUP was founded in Paris in 2009 with the goal of promoting East-West cultural exchanges through gastronomy.


The original intention of the establishment is to share the passion for food between the East and the West and is committed to the promotion of high-quality products and the culture of China and France. In recent years, we have explored the world’s most cutting-edge dining trends and integrated the exquisite oriental elements into contemporary French cuisine.


FANFAN, our flagship restaurant, located steps away from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, was on the prestigious recommended list of the "Michelin Guide France" in the same year it opened. Its Chinese brand “Fangfang” ( in Chinese:芳芳 ) is a literal translation of the French word “L’ARÔME”, which means the wild spread of the aroma. We are dedicated to express the gourmet cuisine in a variety of art forms, to combine art and French food culture, to innovate, and to bring elegant French dinner experience with artistic plating and attentive professional service. 


Since the first restaurant created in Paris in 2009, we have created several French cuisine brands: "L'ARÔME”, "FANFAN", "L'ARÔME EXPRESS", "BON PAR L'ARÔME", etc. Our clear marketing positioning, modern marketing model,  persistent pursuit of quality and meticulous execution have assured the rapid and steady growth of our group. 


In 2020, the sub-brand "L’ARÔME EXPRESS" celebrates its 5th birthday and the brand is undergoing an upgrade.  While the French cuisine industry is suffering from the pandemic, our team strives to adhere to quality maintenance and the innovation of our dishes, and to take strictly anti-pandemic measures. Our upgraded offering and décor has won wild praises from our clients.  


At this point of time, a number of new projects are underway, such as the fast-food concept "LES DÉBRIDÉS" in Paris, France and the beachfront "L'ARÔME BY THE SEA" in Phuket island, Thailand. 

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​Chic & Branché

“Fangfang” ( in Chinese:芳芳 ) is a literal translation of the French word “ARÔME”, which means the wild spread of the aroma.


L’ARÔME is a French fine dining restaurant band, it is positioned as a friendly dining experience with delicious and visually stunning contemporary French cuisine. The decoration of restaurant is high-end but not suffocating, the design of the dishes is based on the fine dining style, with a keen focus on quality of raw materials. 

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Fusion gastronomique

In the context of cultural fusion, the cuisine in FANFAN PARIS is not just French food, nor Asian food, it’s a mix and upgrade. We call it modern franco-asiatique cuisine for now. 


FANFAN PARIS is located in the golden zone of Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It’s the latest masterpiece the group, it has the soul of L’ARÔME, but it’s not exactly L’ARÔME, it’s a L’ARÔME 2.0. On January 2020, only 12 months after its creation, FANFAN PARIS was listed on the prestigious 2020 Assiette Michelin list. Its successful creation has a clear and solid foundation: starting from classic dishes, other exotic elements, either cultural or culinary, are integrated. It’s real innovation, not just some artificial patchwork. 


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Sea view restaurant & rooftop bar

L’ARÔME BY THE SEA, our 3-storey restaurant & bar overlooking the stunning Andaman sea, is the ideal spot for admiring the beauty of legendary Patong Bay. From meticulous selection of ingredients to the respect for the seasons and their harmony with the food, we integrate the exquisite local flavours into contemporary French cuisine. The menu is complemented by an extensive list of french wine offerings. 


Whether it is an intimate dinner with loved ones, special celebrations  or throwing a truly unique party, there is no place that matches the elegance of L’ARÔME BY THE SEA.




We are excited to announce the reopening of FANFAN Paris scheduled for the 9th of June 2021.

FANFAN PARIS listed on Michelin Guide

In January 2021, FANFAN PARIS remains listed as one of the restaurants recommended in the Michelin Guide France - the historical glory of FRANCE LAROME GROUP. The opinion of the Michelin Guide: "This young chef creates a fusion cuisine with Asian influences around a menu (with three choices) that obeys the law of the market, products and seasons. All served in a contemporary setting with a room under glass roof. Lunch menus are a bargain, and in the evening the offer becomes more gastronomic."


Right on Phuket's bustling Patong Beach, L’Arôme by the sea, a 3-storey restaurant & bar overlooking the stunning Andaman sea and is the ideal spot for admiring the beauty of Andaman sea. Its bar with a retractable roof, fine-dining french cuisine, creative cocktails and an excellent french wines selections, make this unique restaurant a great choice if you are looking for a sea-view restaurant to either have a casual sunset cocktail or a romantic dinner.


In 2020, which is destined to be extraordinary, L'ARÔME EXPRESS celebrates its fifth birthday and a brand new upgrade-BON PAR L'ARÔME. C'est bon? C'est bon! BON is delicious, satisfying, and agreeing. These beautiful qualities are also the qualities pursued by BON PAR L'ARÔME.

​New spring menu of L'ARÔME CHINA

We launch L'ARÔME CHINA's new spring menu of 2021. Please connect to WeChat official account to know more about the menus.

Interpretation of "Scream"

Painting is an escape through colors and shapes... From "IMPRESSIONISM & L'AROME" to "MYTHOLOGY & L'ARÔME", then in September 2020, "Scream" dishes are interpreted respectively by our chefs in China and France, in the innovative exploration of the combination of masterpieces of fine arts with French cuisine, breaking the conservatism of techniques and bringing "the perception, description and expression of light and color that appeal to taste".